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Lead Great Virtual Meetings

. . .your online meetings can be much more than status check-ins and you don't have to be a professional facilitator to help your remote team collaborate and succeed online.

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Myriam Laberge

Past Owner & Advisor

Masterful Facilitation Online
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In this free webinar we will walk through:

Virtual Meeting Problems

Biggest virtual meeting mistakes

. . . that waste time, lead to frustration and disengagement, and how to nip these in the bud so you can help your team succeed remotely as well as in-person

Facilitation Best Practices

Pro tips, tools, and techniques

. . . to fine-tune your current meetings, and why a 5-Step Workshop Method can help you facilitate most problem-solving, issue resolution and goal-setting sessions

High Performing Virtual Teamwork

Move from overwhelm to effectiveness

. . . with best facilitation practices that foster high engagement and performance, so you can do more through virtual meetings than you did in-person. Your team will say, "Let's keep meeting like this!"

Wish you had a professional facilitator guide you every step of the way?

Hi, I'm Myriam Laberge, founder of the Masterful Facilitation Institute. I've designed and facilitated hundreds of sessions as a professional facilitator over the past 30 years and taught meeting leaders like you how to facilitate effective and productive meetings. You simply need an experienced guide to provide you step by step coaching on how to apply key facilitation practices to your meetings.

Watch the Free Webinar to access expert facilitation tips, tools and practices that you can apply immediately to improve your virtual and in-person meetings and working sessions.

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